PARCO Employee Development

PARCO believes in the fact that it is the human capital of the organization that ensures growth and takes the company and moves it further to greater heights. We therefore, invest in the training and developments of our employees helping them develop professional and behavioral competencies that enable them to perform on-the-job and meet their career goals.

The HR department at PARCO constantly carries out Training Need Analysis whereby each individual gets an equal opportunity for training in technical, specialized and managerial areas.

PARCO’s workplace environment is based on performance culture. The Company’s merit driven HR processes acknowledge high performers and create opportunities for employee growth. PARCO identifies future leaders through its HIPOs program, Leadership Development initiatives and Succession Planning.


We offer Internships for students to support educational institutions across the Country and provide hands-on experience to new talent in the engineering and management areas. 


The Company also provides a training program to develop new talent in technical and management areas and provide career opportunities to young business graduates, engineers and associate engineers.