Corporate Social Responsibility


Support to Basic and Rural Health Centers

Under the umbrella of Schools and Clinics Support Program, PARCO has supported several Basic and Rural Health Centers based in small villages nearby PARCO cross-country Pipeline and Stations and Terminals. The clinics are providing basic healthcare to the local communities within their villages. As a result, community members are no longer required to travel for long hours to the cities for basic treatment.

The support made has been in terms of much needed civil works, where complete wards like Gynae and general wards have been setup. Also, much care has been taken to improve the overall hygiene conditions of these institutions. Apart from this, PARCO has provided equipment required to conduct essential medical services at these centers.

PARCO Community Welfare Clinic

PARCO’s Mid-Country Refinery (MCR) at Qasba Gujrat is surrounded by many underprivileged communities, who are deprived of the basic education and health facilities. PARCO operates a Community Welfare Clinic, providing basic health facilities to the domestic workers working at the Mid-Country Refinery, their families and residents from nearby areas.

Upgrading Medical Institutions

In Pakistan, there are various hospitals that serve the underprivileged who cannot afford medication, hospitalization etc. Hospitals that are selected are run by NGOs with transparent operations, supervised by a proper Board of Directors and regular internal and external audits. PARCO has helped several such hospitals through philanthropic contributions in capacity building. The amount was utilized in helping the needy patients who cannot afford medical treatment, buying necessary equipment for the hospital and expansion of current facilities.