Corporate Social Responsibility

Vocational Trainings & Entrepreneurship

In the realm of CSR, PARCO has always believed in inculcating self-reliance capabilities amongst the Pakistani youth. PARCO and its subsidiaries have been supporting many well-known institutions working in the area of vocational trainings during the past several years.

In the first phase, Company went a step further by searching for deserving Vocational Training Institutes (VTIs) in rural areas, nearby PARCO facilities and identified various centers at Machike, Faisalabad, Kot Addu, Mahmoodkot, Qasba Gujrat, Muzaffargarh, DG Khan, Multan, Fazilpur, Shikarpur, Bubak and Karachi.

The institutes in these areas had skillful and experienced teachers but with less or no tools to demonstrate the practical side. PARCO provided assistance by setting up state-of-the-art computer labs and appointed well experienced instructors for conducting various professional courses. Keeping in view a great number of female students enrolled at the vocational trainings pertaining to sewing and embroidery courses, PARCO provided electrical embroidery sewing machines, furniture and computers to easily conduct quality trainings. These institutions were also uplifted and repaired through much needed civil works to create a better learning environment for students. The Company has also placed computer instructors at rural areas to conduct quality computer trainings.

The basic objective in supporting these vocational training centers is to enhance skills amongst the youth and especially women of Pakistan. The vocational trainings pertaining to sewing and embroidery will help the rural women in achieving self-sustenance through entrepreneurship. This act further reassures PARCO’s support to the Ten Principles of UN Global Compact and Women Empowerment Principles.

Apart from these Vocational Training Institutes, PARCO supported various organizations imparting technical trainings at their state-of-the-art facilities. These institutes enroll the youth of Pakistan and provide various technical trainings in the areas of automobile and motorbike repairs, welding, plumbing, civil works and electrical trainings. These institutes include The Hunar Foundation, Aman Tech and SOS Technical Training Institute. The graduates from these institutes have either joined various well reputed organizations or started their own automobile and electrical repairs workshops.

Sewing and Display Center for Women at Qasba Gujrat

As a way forward, under Phase II PARCO has successfully setup a Sewing and Display Centre for Women at Qasba Gujrat, Mahmoodkot nearby PARCO Mid-Country Refinery. The aim of this Centre is to provide advance sewing and embroidery skills to the underprivileged women who have already done basic courses in sewing. Additionally, the Centre will provide on-the –Job training of six months to the ladies which will also include courses on personal development and building entrepreneurial skills. These courses will educate them using technology to get better access to markets, advertise their products to reach more customer base, keep updated on modern trends and cater to current needs. This will help them in developing profitable business models rewarding them financially and uplifting them economically.