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PARCO caters to a wide range of products and services, and is the largest integrated energy and oil logistics company in Pakistan. Along with refining, transportation and storage, PARCO also has a successful marketing joint venture with TOTAL SA of France in the form of Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL), with a rapidly expanding retail outlets network. After the acquisition of Chevron Pakistan Limited (renamed as TOTAL PARCO Marketing Limited) by TPPL, today, the TOTAL PARCO network is a 50:50 joint venture with more than 800 retail fuel outlets, plus a lubricants blending and marketing business, making it the second Largest Oil Marketing Company in Pakistan.

PARCO Biturox

In contrast to conventional Bitumen produced through simple distillation, PARCO Biturox bitumen is chemically integrated and upgraded by controlled air oxidation; known as Air Blowing. This gives the bitumen improved Thermal and Ageing Stability.

Bitumen quality depends on the harmonized balance of its chemical components, Saturates, Aromatics, Resins and Asphaltenes. The Biturox ® process creates & preserves valuable aromatic components and optimizes the ratio between Resins and Asphaltenes.

Advantages of PARCO Biturox

Based in optimal crude selection for the purpose and Biturox Air Blowing Technology, PARCO Biturox exhibits excellent properties even for standard grades and for important parameters like Fraas Breaking Point and Stability after Ageing (RTFOT).

Produced through internationally renowned Poerner’s Biturox Air Blowing Technology, PARCO Biturox performs better over a wide range and increases road service life as compared to conventional bitumen, providing higher resistance against Rutting during summer and Thermal Cracking in winters. Specific features of PARCO Biturox are:

  • Stiffness against rutting
  • High resistance against fatigue.
  • Better adhesive properties.
  • Resistance to ageing.
  • Compatibility for polymers.
  • Ability to emulsify.

Product Grades

Following high quality grades of PARCO Biturox are available:

  • Pen Grade (60/70, 80/100) for roads and highways
  • Multi-grade (30/40-M) for heavy duty roads and highways
  • Industrial grade (10/20)

The variety of bitumen produced by PARCO meets the requirements of Pakistan and International Standards.

Detailed Specifications

PARCO Biturox 60/70

This standard bitumen is intended for making all kinds of bituminous layers in road surfaces constructed through “hot technology”.

PARCO Biturox 30/40 – M

This special multigrade bitumen with good resistance against deformation and fatigue is intended for road construction in areas exposed to heavy traffic, such as main highways with high lifetime requirements. Furthermore, it is recommended for road construction in areas with high seasonal temperature fluctuation.

PARCO Biturox 80/100

This grade is intended for all kinds of bituminous layers and mixtures in road surfaces constructed through “hot technology” for production of polymer modified bitumen binders for road and roofing application and for production of bitumen emulsions through “cold technology”.

PARCO Biturox 10/20

This industrial grade bitumen is mainly applied in the building material industry as an adhesive substance for sealing and lining. It is also used in mixtures prepared for coating and impregnation of bituminous insulation, waterproofing and roofing membranes.


True to its reputation of always being a dynamic organization ready to adapt to the ever-changing environment, PARCO has been successfully marketing Petroleum products for the last several years. Having developed and extended its cross-country pipeline system and storage facilities and having made a huge investment of US$886 million in the MCR, it was all but logical for PARCO to increase its earnings by marketing its own Petroleum products. The Refinery has placed PARCO in an ideal position to market these products. Therefore, PARCO is delivering accurate quantities of high quality products into the customer’s premises in a timely manner and at the lowest cost through the shortest and safest routes.

PARCO through an optimal strategy has been marketing the following products:


PARCO is engaged in its marketing activities through the brand name “PEARL”. The Word “PEARL” is associated with the Symbol of Purity and Preciousness, which translates to a message of Quality and Value for petroleum products. PARCO under the brand name of PEARL is marketing Furnace Oil (FO) to Captive Power, Cement Plants, and other industries particularly in Punjab.


MCR is producing approximately 150,000 MTons of LPG annually, which is marketed to leading LPG Marketing Companies operating in the Country. Also PARCO has its own nationwide LPG distribution and marketing network. The product is marketed nationally under brand name of Pearl Gas.


Approximately 18,000-20,000 M.Tons of Sulphur is being produced at MCR per annum. PARCO sells Sulphur to its Customers, either by announcing Monthly Prices or Open Tendering on a quarterly basis, based on Market Dynamics and International Pricing Trends.