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Asphalt Air Blowing Unit

PARCO’s Mid Country Refinery (MCR) has capability to produce multiple petroleum products. Continuing its strategy of expansion and diversification, PARCO has also added US$ 32 million Asphalt Air Blowing Unit (AABU) for the production of road and industrial grade Asphalt.

AABU with a production capacity of 500 metric tons per day, fulfills all requirements of production flexibility, safety and environmental standards. The plant meets the highest standards of bitumen processing.

The Austrian Company, POERNER, a world leader in Bitumen processing technology has provided the license, design and key plant and equipment to PARCO. The Product has been branded, “PARCO Biturox”. Together with the Licensor, PARCO is producing premium bitumens like “Multi”- grades for roads with extreme traffic load conditions and for extended service life.

PARCO Biturox offers the bitumen grades of the highest quality with high thermal stability and durability:

PEN Grade Bitumen (60/70, 80/100)
Multigrade Bitumen (30/40, 40/50)
Industrial Bitumen (10/20)