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The Refinery is located at Mahmoodkot, which is in the Muzaffargarh District of Pakistan. The city of Multan, only 65 km, from the Refinery is well connected with a national communications network of rail, road and air. The nearest rail link is through Mahmoodkot which is about five kilometers from the Refinery.

At Mahmoodkot, the oil marketing companies are operating a petroleum product distribution terminal. This terminal, known as Joint Installation of Marketing companies (JIMCO), is connected by a pipeline with PARCO’s Mahmoodkot Terminal. At this terminal, HSD produced at the refinery and received from Karachi through PAPCO Pipeline is filled in rail wagons and road tankers for transportation to various locations in Punjab and KPK provinces.

Similarly PARCO’s Mahmoodkot–Faisalabad–Machike (MFM) Pipeline system originates from PARCO’s Mahmoodkot terminal. This Pipeline carries HSD and Kerosene to Machhike, near Sheikhupura, via Faisalabad.