PARCO Pearl Gas

LPG Applications


LPG caters to all types of energy needs in households, including:

  • Cooking
  • Space Heating
  • Water Heating

LPG can be used for a variety of applications in commercial entities such as restaurants, caterers, hotels, resorts, bakeries, etc. Some applications are:

  • Cooking
  • Space Heating
  • Water Heating
  • LPG powered generators
  • LPG-run Golf Carts / Lawn Mowers

 The applications of LPG in the industry are ever increasing, with diverse segments of the industry using it as an alternative fuel source. Some applications are:

  • Fuel source for Fork Lift Trucks (FLTs)
  • Steam generation through boilers
  • Metal cutting applications in Ship Breaking, Steel Industry, and Fabrication Shops
  • Raw Material for Foam Manufacturing and Insulation Material
  • Corrugation in Paper and Board Industry
  • Wadding machine applications in the Textile Industry
  • Kilns and furnaces in Steel, Metal, and Ceramics industries
  • Heat treatment for the Fabrication Industry
  • Spray-drying for Ceramics and Chemicals industries
  • Paint drying and curing for appliances
  • Thermal Oil heating in Textile and miscellaneous process industries
  • Annealing, Annodizing & Galvanizing for steel, brass, and metals
  • Zinc, alluminum, and brass melting
  • Singeing / Calendaring for textile industry
  • Glass, Plastic, and Alluminum Extrusion
  • Gasification of housing colonies and high-rise apartments
  • Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) for peak shaving
  • Baking ovens and fryers in Food Processing industry

LPG is also used in industries and processes related to agriculture and livestocks. Some current applications include:

  • Tobacco Curing
  • Rice and Grain drying
  • Poultry rearing – Controlled Sheds



General Manager – Sandal Dyestuff Industries (Pvt) Limited, Sangla

“Super Gas Bulk is our only fuel of choice because it provides us the dual advantage of no worries for refills as well as efficiency.”

General Manager – Forest Sweaters (Pvt) Limited, Lahore

“In order to gain the ability of instant response to the rapidly changing requirements of the fashion world, Forest Sweaters has the facility of computerized design and pattern making (SIRIX), providing varied design potential and enabling us to reduce our response time to our customers. Before Super Gas Bulk our response time varied due to diesel procurement problems, its delivery, maintenance of machinery, and stoppages in operations due to loop holes in our contractor’s delivery mechanism”.

Director Operations – Arabian Sea Country Club, Karachi

“Our members are from the elite class of Karachi and we feel pleasure in entertaining them by state of the art recreational and catering facilities. For catering we use Super Gas Bulk as a fuel because it is not only clean and environment friendly but also makes us satisfied of being associated with its quality service”.