PARCO Pearl Gas

Our Facilities & Network

Road Transport

PARCO Pearl Gas boasts the biggest and most modern transport network in the industry, a fact which enables us to excel in meeting our customers’ requirements.

Our primary transport fleet of 37 carriers with a combined capacity of 827 metric tons ensures that our supply chain from LPG sources is always functional, no matter what the circumstances.

Furthermore, our dedicated fleet of 12 bulk tankers with a combined capacity of 150 metric tons makes sure that our valued industrial clients’ LPG requirments are delivered at their doorsteps in a timely manner. PPGL also has a dedicated cylinder transport fleet consisting of 7 dedicated carriers with a combined capacity of 95 metric tons, in addition to the owned and contracted delivery vehicles employed for localized deliveries at Gas Distribution Centers.

PPGL prides itself in always meeting its customers’ energy requirements in a timely manner, day-in day-out, and invests in keeping its fleet at the cutting edge of technology. To modernize our supply chain we employ the latest technologies including OBI and Telemetry.