Pipeline Network


PARCO operates a network of crude oil-cum-product pipelines running over 2000 kilometres across the country.
Karachi-Mahmood Kot (KMK) Pipeline
The 870-km Karachi-Mahmood Kot (KMK) Pipeline, commissioned in 1981, transports crude from Karachi to Mahmood Kot near Multan for its Mid Country Refinery. Its initial annual pumping capacity of 2.9 million has been upgraded and KMK is now capable of pumping up to 6 million tons per year.

Mahmood Kot- Faisalabad–Machhike (MFM) Pipeline
PARCO commissioned 362-km Mahmood Kot- Faisalabad–Machhike (MFM) Pipeline, in 1997 to Transport refined products like diesel and kerosene to Faisalabad and to Machhike near Lahore.

White Oil Pipeline
The US$ 480 million, White Oil Pipeline is the mega infrastructure project implemented by PARCO. After conversion of PARCO's existing pipeline network for Crude Oil transportation, the White Oil Pipeline is catering to transport Refined Petroleum products to the central and Northern regions of Pakistan; which account for almost 60% of the total Petroleum consumption in the country.

For the implementation of the 786 km White Oil Pipeline Project (WOPP) from Karachi to Mahmoodkot, a joint venture company, Pak-Arab Pipeline Company Ltd. (PAPCO) was created. PARCO holds a 51% majority share in PAPCO while Shell, PSO and Chevron hold 26%, 12% and 11% shares in equity respectively. The 26” dia White Oil Pipeline is designed for a capacity of 12 million tons per year, starting with 5 million tons in the initial years.


Pipeline Facilities
  • One kilometer, 30 inches diameter pipeline connecting the FOTCO oil jetty to Terminal and Pumping Station at Bin Qasim.
  • 786 Kms, 26" dia. Pipeline between Terminal and Pumping Station at Bin Qasim and Terminal Station at Mahmood Kot
  • Terminal and Pumping station at Bin Qasim comprising of main line pumps and storage tanks for seven days product storage.
  • Pumping Station, Storage and off-loading Facility at Shikarpur.
  • Terminal Station at Mahmood Kot with storage facilities and connection to the OMCs at Gujrat and MFM-Pipeline system.
  • Fibre Optic cable based communication system.
Korangi-Port Qasim Link (KPLP) Pipeline
The 22-km Korangi-Port Qasim Link (KPLP) Pipeline linking PARCO’s Korangi station with PAPCO’s Port Qasim station was commissioned in 2006. This tactical link has connected both the Karachi ports (Keamari & Port Qasim) with PARCO & PAPCO pipeline systems, providing flexibility in pipeline operations to receive crude as well as product from either port.

PARCO’s Pipeline System includes a network of highly sophisticated Telecommunication facilities and a comprehensive Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) System.

PARCO’s pipeline is a critical and efficient life support system for the Central and Northern areas of the country. In addition to its strategic nature, it is contributing to the national exchequer not only through payment of attractive dividends, taxes and import duties but also by delivering major savings in freight expenses and foreign exchange through import substitution.