HSEQ Vision & Policy

hseq vision & policy

Policy statement


At PARCO, we believe, Company’s long-term business success depends on our ability to continually improve HSE performance by protecting people, including stakeholders, assets, environment & reputation of the Company. Therefore, towards our Vision of “Zero Harm”, Health, Safety and Environment matters are considered as integral part of our business processes and shall be duly taken into account for guiding our behaviors, actions and decisions for achieving HSE excellence in all operations covering Hydrocarbons’ Refining, Transportation, Storage and Marketing.

Commitment and Compliance

  • Health, Safety and Environment are considered at par with productivity and profitability, when making business plans and decisions, as we hold ourselves accountable for HSE compliance in our Engineering, Operations, Products & Services.
  • We comply to all applicable National and International standards, legal (statutory & regulatory) obligations and world’s best practices relevant to Health, Safety and Environment in our areas of operations.
  • The Company shall strive to introduce state of the art technologies, systems & practices to maintain all operational risks in ALARP (As Low as Reasonably Practicable) range.
  • We ensure to promote positive & proactive HSE culture, with adherence to this policy, and HSE Management System by employees, contractors, and service providers.

Performance and Risk Management

  • We improve HSE competencies of employees and stakeholders to complement their good performance.
  • Specific HSE goals and objectives are set for all levels of hierarchy to continuously improve the Organization’s HSE performance.
  • We implement Risk Management techniques to identify, assess and mitigate all risks to acceptable levels in our Projects & Operations.
  • We strive to minimise Environmental Impact of our Projects and Operation through Environment Management System and techniques in compliance to local and International laws. We encourage efficient use of energy and natural resources.
  • Ensure Organizational readiness to manage emergencies/accidents through efficient and effective Emergency and Crisis Management protocols for business continuity and to safeguard Company’s reputation.

Focus Areas

  • Ensure and encourage all hazards, near miss and incidents are reported fearlessly in a positive manner, duly investigated and actions generated are closed meaningfully in set timelines to avoid recurrence.
  • We shall remain focused on health of our employees and contractors through provision of healthy working conditions, work life balance, health promotion initiatives and medical services.
  • We shall strive to further improve our performance of Process Safety and Asset Integrity to control major accident hazards.
  • We actively engage in stakeholder dialogue and manage our social impacts on communities around.