HSEQ Vision & Policy

hseq vision & policy

Policy statement


PARCO is committed to enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement, operational excellence and in time delivery of quality products while remaining watchful over the safety, health and environmental concerns of its employees, contractors and the general public associated with it.

In support of this policy, PARCO will ensure that

Health, Safety and Environment are considered at par with productivity, quality and profitability when arriving at Business plans and decisions.

All activities are adequately resourced and carried out by trained and competent personnel who will exercise personal responsibility in preventing harm to themselves, others and environment.

All employees are made aware of their personal responsibility to deliver quality products, fit for internal and external customers and trained accordingly.

There is no adverse impact of operations on the environment through implementation of advanced technologies, monitoring and continuous improvement of HSEQ systems.

Customer satisfaction is improved in every step of its operations with quality assurance being exercised as a personal responsibility leading to sustainable quality and on-time delivery of products.

Contractors adhere to relevant health, safety, environment and quality standards at our facilities.

All the hazards are identified as well as rated and appropriate steps are taken to nullify/minimize their impact.

Our policy is compliant with national and international standards and legal (statutory & regulatory) requirements relevant to the quality of product, health, safety and environment.

Changes are controlled, assessed and monitored to ensure that the desired effect is achieved in all aspects of organizational performance in the areas of quality, health and safety of employees as well as the operating environment.

Continual process and procedural improvements are carried out to enhance performance and products.