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    Schools & Clinics Support Program

    From producing environment friendly products to efficient, world class engineering facilities and infrastructure, building a highly competent human capital, and major social initiatives, PARCO is doing its utmost in Providing Energy with Responsibility.
    Through this program, PARCO has provided valuable assistance to various government schools, basic health units, and rural health centers located along our pipeline, stations and the Mid-Country Refinery. Our contributions to these institutions have raised the community’s interest in enrolling their children in these refurbished and well-maintained schools, diverting them from child labor and fostering education, thereby elevating the literacy rate.
    We extend our support by assisting these institutions with infrastructure development and equipment procurement, enabling them to sustain their operations and provide essential education and healthcare services to the communities. On the civil works front, our assistance encompasses the construction of classrooms, boundary walls, proper sanitation facilities, underground and overhead water tanks. We also undertake repair, maintenance, and refurbishment of existing facilities, ensuring electrification, access to clean drinking water, and more.
    This program is an ongoing initiative in which we continuously identify new institutions while revisiting previous ones. We want to reassure communities that PARCO is always there to provide assistance when they need it the most. The overwhelming feedback received from recipient communities is a testament to the positive impact of PARCO’s CSR program, breathing new life into countless remote villages.

    Partnering with The Citizens Foundation (TCF)

    In collaboration with The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a renowned NGO dedicated to providing quality education, PARCO has successfully established three schools, one in Karachi and two at Qasba Gujrat, near the PARCO Mid-Country Refinery. This partnership reflects PARCO’s commitment to supporting education in these communities. These schools employ female staff members from the surrounding areas, creating employment opportunities for local women to secure a respectable livelihood.
    Over the course of the past two decades, PARCO’s enduring partnership with TCF has accomplished significant milestones. Together, the three campuses have been instrumental in providing quality education to more than 1,100 students.

    Teachers Training

    In the realm of addressing various issues of communities, PARCO CSR Team came across the schools need for training teachers. In order to undertake the project meticulously, PARCO partnered with Teachers Resource Center (TRC) – a non-profit, non-government organization committed to improving and reforming the declining standards of education in Pakistan. Since 1986, TRC has been involved in teachers training and introducing Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Pakistan.
    The trainers from the TRC conducted various sessions in PARCO supported schools at all locations on topics, such as “how children learn”, “planning effective lessons”, etc. The teachers who attended the sessions were enthusiastic during group activities and shared their point of views on various areas on child development. The training also addressed several difficulties that these teachers came across in their day to day teaching.
    The contents of the training addressed many areas like how to make the classroom learning even more interesting, managing and assessing different children and above all incorporating various learning methodologies. The main idea behind these workshops is to introduce the teachers about the new teaching methods and concepts being practiced by successful schools in Pakistan.”
    “Since 2012, more than 600 government school teachers are trained. The initiative is being continued with more trainings coming up. At the end of the training sessions, the teachers look passionate and filled with enthusiasm and receive training certificates. The impact is a positive changed culture at the government schools in rural and urban areas, and a growing learning environment.

    More Initiatives

    PARCO is dedicated to ongoing investments in various initiatives that promote educational endeavors. Our focus ranges from cultivating a classroom environment that fosters a love for learning to providing facilities that encourage creativity and higher enrollment rates. Through these initiatives, PARCO contributes significantly to achieving quality education in alignment with the sustainable development goals (SDGs).