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    PARCO's Mid-Country Refinery, is the country's latest, largest and most complex refinery.

    Commissioned in 2000 and built at a cost of US$ 886 million, PARCO’s crown jewel, the Mid Country Refinery (MCR), adds a massive 120,000 BPD to the country’s refining capacity. Located at Mahmoodkot near Multan, MCR is not only the most modern but also the largest operating refinery in the country.

    The MCR employs the most critical processes involved in refining and produces a diverse array of products, including Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), High Octane Blending Component (HOBC), Kerosene, Jet Fuel (JP-1 & JP-4), High Speed Diesel (HSD), Light Speed Diesel (LDO), Furnace Oil (FO), and Sulphur.

    These products are delivered to customers through Gantry Operation at MCR and via PARCO’s Mahmoodkot-Faisalabad-Machike (MFM) Pipeline System. The refinery is also capable of producing lead-free Motor Gasoline of 90 Octane, and low-sulphur content fuel oil that meets international standards.

    The MCR has a refining capacity of 120,000 BPD, processing a mixed Arabian Light/Upper Zakum/Murban/Das and Indigenous Crude slate. This is transported to the refinery site by PARCO’s existing pipeline System from Karachi.
    As a grassroots Refinery, MCR possesses both primary and secondary processing facilities and supporting infrastructure. This allows the process units to operate efficiently, producing the desired slate of products in an economic and flexible manner. The refinery’s primary control center, the Main Control Room, operates with a microprocessor-based Distributed Control System (DCS). Three additional subsidiary control rooms collectively manage eleven On-site Process Units and Off-site/utilities, as well as other permanent facilities. The refinery is equipped with 46 tanks to store Crude Oil, intermediate feed stocks, and finished products, besides other specific areas of the refinery.
    PARCO’s Mid-Country Refinery (MCR) is not just Pakistan’s most modern, but also the largest operating oil refinery in Pakistan. It is strategically located near the energy demand centers at Mahmoodkot, District Muzaffargarh. Commissioned in the year 2000 and built at a cost of US$ 886 million, MCR was originally designed and built with a refining capacity of 100,000 barrels per day (bpd). In the year 2020 MCR’s fuel quality and refining capacity was upgraded from 100,000 bpd to 120,000 bpd. The oil refinery produces high quality petroleum products including Diesel, Petrol, Jet Fuel, LPG, Kerosene Oil, Furnace Oil, Sulphur and road grade Asphalt by processing mainly light and medium Crude Oils. It is the first refinery in Pakistan to have installed a diesel hydro-desulphurization (DHDS) plant, with a maximum capacity of 26,000 barrels per day, to produce environment friendly low Sulphur-producing, Euro III compliant high-speed diesel. The Asphalt Air Blowing Unit (AABU) at the Mid-Country Refinery produces road and industrial grade Asphalt, based on international specifications.
    With a production capacity of 500 metric tons per day, the AABU produces premium multi-grade bitumens, branded as “PARCO Biturox”, for roads with extreme traffic load conditions and extended service life. The MCR’s refined petroleum products are delivered to customers through Gantry Operations at MCR as well as to the petroleum product distribution terminal at Mahmoodkot via pipeline. The company’s multi-grade Mahmoodkot-Faisalabad-Machike (MFM) Pipeline system also plays a pivotal role in delivering the refined petroleum products to the demand centers at Faisalabad and Machike, near Lahore.