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    Promoting community well-being is a fundamental principle that guides PARCO in leading programs focused on facilitating learning and skill development within communities. In line with this objective, PARCO has provided support to several government Vocational Training Institutes in Sindh and Punjab. This assistance has enabled these institutes to offer free skill development programs to the youth, encompassing a wide range of vocational training courses such as tailoring, embroidery, computer literacy, beautician services, plumbing, electrician work, welding, and more.
    Gender equality is a core element of PARCO’s CSR strategy, as the company recognizes it as a basic human right. PARCO actively promotes gender equality through its management systems and CSR strategies, consistently enhancing policies and procedures to work towards this goal.
    Moreover, PARCO operates a Sewing and Embroidery Display facility at the Mid-Country Refinery, where dress-making and embroidery training are provided. Additionally, PARCO continues its support for the Vocational Training Institute at Mahmoodkot and the Vocational Training Center at Women Central Prison in Karachi. All these centers play a crucial role in developing skilled human capital within their respective locations.