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    PARCO has always been a strong advocate of sports activities. Sports contribute to well-being regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. It is enjoyed by all, and its reach is unrivalled. During the past one year, the Company organized several sports tournaments company-wide, like cricket, squash, table tennis, long tennis, etc.
    In recent years, there has been an increase in sports activities in Pakistan, with Pakistani sportsmen and women participating at national and international levels. In order to develop rising stars in the game of Tennis, PARCO supported Pakistan Tennis Federation to develop junior players. The Company aims to develop these players to mark Pakistan’s name locally and at reputable international platforms. PARCO’s collaboration will help high potential junior players to be professionally developed with highest level of coaching and much more.
    The Company supported the Pakistan Sailing Federation and became a gold sponsor of 3rd Chief of Air Staff International Sailing Championship 2022. The championship was held in March 2022 for three days in which 97 sailors and offcials from 11 countries participated. Pakistani sailors dominated the medal table as curtains were drawn. Similarly, PARCO also supported Jeep Rallies in Thal and Cholistan deserts. The sport brings several participants and much needed crowd to these deserts to draw their attention to the communities living in the harsh climate and extend a helping hand in their time of need.
    PARCO has consistently championed the importance of sports activities, recognizing their positive impact on well-being irrespective of age, gender, or ethnicity. Sports bring enjoyment and have a wide-reaching appeal. Within the company, PARCO organizes various sports tournaments, such as cricket, squash, table tennis, and lawn tennis, engaging employees at all levels.
    In recent years, Pakistan has witnessed a surge in sports activities, with Pakistani athletes participating at both national and international levels. In line with this trend, PARCO has provided support to the Pakistan Tennis Federation in nurturing junior players, aiming to cultivate talented individuals who can proudly represent Pakistan both locally and on prestigious international platforms, particularly in the game of tennis.
    Furthermore, PARCO extends its support to several other sports, including rugby, sailing, and jeep rallies held in the breathtaking deserts of Pakistan, among many others. By promoting and endorsing a diverse range of sports, PARCO encourages a culture of active engagement and fosters opportunities for individuals to showcase their skills and talents in various athletic pursuits.