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    Community Development

    Road Safety

    • As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), PARCO ensures that all its employees and staff of Service Providers practice Road Safety rules and precautions as responsible citizens. Our HSE department conducts monthly Road Safety trainings. As an oil transportation company, road safety is integral to our operations.
    • PARCO joined hands with National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP) to run campaigns on Road Safety Awareness where a booklet by the name of “Safar Asaan” in Urdu language, was distributed on national highways to motorists. In this Road Safety project, PARCO assisted NH&MP by printing 30,000 safety booklets. The booklets were distributed in areas that are proximal to PARCO installations and stations, so that our adjoining communities are aware of PARCO’s initiative in safe driving.

    Support for the Special Children

    • As a reflection of our belief in the social responsibility of business, PARCO has been supporting various institutions for mentally challenged and deaf children. These institutes are managed by professional NGOs and rely mostly on philanthropic contributions. They help these children in developing skills to manage their lives in less challenging manner. PARCO’s contribution has helped these institutes sustain their operations. The initiative is continuously helping these children grow as a caring citizen.

    Distribution of School Bags and Story Books

    • Since the past several years, PARCO has been distributed school bags amongst the primary and secondary level students of various government schools in the locality of Corporate Headquarters and Mid-Country Refinery (MCR). These school bags contains notebooks and stationery to further facilitate the learning process as only a few children could afford proper notebooks and bags. Such steps have increased the morale of the children and positively affect the emotional well-being of these students. The children are extremely excited to receive these school bags from PARCO. This initiative has encouraged children to increase their attendance at the schools thus directly eliminating child labor.
    • In order to help children learn basic concepts faster, the Company procured and distributed story books at government schools in Karachi and near Mid-Country Refinery in partnership with a renowned publisher. The books are written in a story form to educate children in developing imaginations pertaining to basic curriculum. The books are helpful in teaching children personal hygiene and keeping surrounding environment cleaner.

    Corporate Philanthropy

    • While CSR is a corporate responsibility, in keeping with the values of the company and our traditions, PARCO also makes philanthropic contributions to institutions that are making significant efforts to help the underprivileged. The contributions are well received and helping various institutions in sustaining their operations.