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    Awards & Certifications

    Award Safety, Health

    Occupational, Safety, Health & Wellbeing Award

    The Employers Federation of Pakistan honored PARCO with Occupational Safety, Health & Wellbeing (OSHW) Award for 2021 in recognition to its efforts toward occupational safety and health standards.

    The ceremony celebrated the World Day on Safety & Health at Work and applauded the efforts of companies who prioritize the well-being & safety of their employee fraternity. Esteemed professionals graced the event from different walks of the corporate sector to share their knowledge through valuable keynote addresses and panel discussions.

    The companies are vested with a respectable EFP award after an independent jury of OSHW experts carries a strict evaluation of nomination papers.

    The Honorable President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi, presented the award in Occupational Safety Health and Well-being 2021 to PARCO. Mr Ahmad Mubeen Awan, Head of HSE-PARCO, received the accolade at the OSHW Conference & Awards Ceremony. The recognition by the EFP recognizes PARCO’s dedication to employees’ well-being and safety and promotes a culture where best practices are prioritized for secure work culture.