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    PARCO is an integral part of the dynamic oil and gas business, a cornerstone of the modern petroleum industry. Yet, while our business may be energy, our core strength lies in our human capital in business. We firmly believe that our people are our most critical asset, providing us with a sustainable lifeline that ensures our ongoing success within the competitive landscape of oil companies.
    PARCO’s success, as a key player in the petroleum company landscape, stems from the belief that while management draws only the outline of its vision, it is our people who give it factual realization. Just as our management team is crucial to our organization’s success, the organization’s culture and climate are the mould that nurtures and produces good performance.
    Over the years, PARCO has crafted a dynamic environment that facilitates professional excellence. Our people, our most valuable human capital, are encouraged to apply their knowledge, skills, and creative energies to support our vision. As a pioneering oil and gas company, we firmly believe in offering equal opportunity and promoting gender diversity within our workforce.
    In addition to its advanced facilities, MCR offers a high standard residential facility for employees and their families. This includes a mix of houses, apartments, a guest house, a fully operational club, and an array of facilities such as a school, hospital, gymnasium, bowling alley, parks, mosque, auditorium, shopping center, sports complexes, and much more.