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    Core Management Team

    Brig (R). S. Wajid Raza Kazmi

    General Manager Security

    Brigadier Syed Wajid Raza Kazmi (R) holds MS Defense Management & War Studies from National Defense University, Islamabad.

    He is also graduate of Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr, Germany and Command and Staff College, Quetta with proven track record of over 30 years in developing defense and security strategies; besides policy research, leadership and disaster management roles. He joined PARCO in 2017. During his illustrious career, he held prestigious assignments in the military, academia (author, instructions & training), highest federal government offices and international level working with United Nations. Brigadier Raza brings with him extensive and diverse exposure of national, trans-national and international security, national defense, security policy and conflict management.